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AquaTalon Hooks are the same hooks used in the production of Aqua Flies. AquaTalon freshwater hooks are manufactured from the finest tempered virgin-carbon Japanese steel (H80C high carbon). Superior strength is achieved through a heating and tempering process plus a chemical bath. An ultra sharp point is formed with proper forging and treating.


AquaTalon Hooks are engineered for durability, functionality, and style.



Swing Hook


AquaTalon 3474 Swing Hook
Sizes 1, 2, 4, and 6.
Packaged in 25 and 100 packs.


Aqua Flies and Jerry French have collaborated to produce the very best swing hook on the market. AquaTalon Swing Hooks are designed for optimal fish hooking and landing.


• Continuous, round shape for superior strength
• Slight drop point for an ideal hook-up location
• Fine wire size for maximum penetration
• 20° turned up eye for a perfect girth hitch to trailing loop
• Offset point
• Micro barb for those that need one


The ultimate trailer hook


Traditional Salmon/Steelhead Hook


AquaTalon 3500 Traditional Salmon/Steelhead, Black/Nickel

AquaTalon 3599 Traditional Salmon/Steelhead, Black
Sizes 1/0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.
Packaged in 25 packs.


The AquaTalon 3500 and 3599 are strong and functional hooks to use on a variety of salmon and steelhead style flies. This is the same hook we use to tie the Aqua Flies traditional style flies. This traditional hook has an aesthetically pleasing curve to the bend, a low profile barb and a functional tapered loop up-turned eye. The forged heavy wire gives the fly extra strength and helps the fly to sink. The 3500 has a black/nickel finish that gives the hook some corrosion resistance. The 3599 has a classic black finish.


• Forged heavy wire
• Tapered up-turned loop eye
• Low profile barb
• Needle point


Curved Salmon/Steelhead Hook


AquaTalon 3600 Traditional Salmon/Steelhead
Sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.
Packaged in 25 packs.


The AquaTalon 3600 hook has a beautiful sweeping bend to the shank. Whether tying nymphs or traditional salmon or steelhead flies, the 3600 gives your fly a more natural look. Perfect for tying Micro Muddled Euphorias for trout or a larger version for steelhead. The 3600 is a chemically sharpened, forged hook with a needle point. The return eye loop has a nice taper to the wire for ease of tying.


Comet Hook


AquaTalon 3800 Comet Hook
Sizes 4, 6, and 8.
Packaged in 25 packs.


Our 3800 is the perfect hook for tying comets, bosses or steelhead nymphs. The forged heavy wire will withstand even the largest chinook salmon. The hook is 1x short with a wide gap. The beak point helps hold the hook in place while fighting a fish with a crushed barb.


• Forged heavy wire
• Beak point
• Down-turned eye
• Low profile barb
• Black nickel finish


Euro Nymph Hook


AquaTalon 4000 Euro Nymph Hook
Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.
Packaged in 25 and 100 packs.


The AquaTalon 4000 Euro Nymph Hook is the perfect jig hook to tie Perdigon Nymphs and other jig style nymphs. The use of competition style jig hooks is becoming more and more popular. Many nymph patterns can be adapted to be tied on jig hooks. With the introduction of slotted beads, whether they are brass or tungsten, a tier has more options for adding weight to the fly. There are size limitations when using a standard hook and bead, but with a Euro Nymph Jig Hook and a slotted bead, there is a larger range of beads that can be used on a jig hook.


Our Euro Nymph Jig Hooks are less prone to snagging the bottom as they ride hook point up and generally hook the fish in the corner or upper part of the mouth.


• 60° leg
• Medium wire
• Needle point
• Barbless
• Black nickel finish


Jig Hook


AquaTalon 4550 Jig Hook
Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.
Packaged in 25 and 100 packs.


Conventional anglers realized long ago the benefits of fishing a jig hook, and have been using 90° jig hooks for many decades. Jig hooks are relatively new to freshwater fly anglers, although many striped bass anglers have been tying streamers on jig hooks for over a decade. An obvious advantage is the fly rides hook point up, creating a situation where the fly is less apt to snag on the bottom. Also, the fly can be moved up and down in the water column, a jigging action, which can be irresistible to a trout.


Use our 4550 Jig Hook for tying Balance Leeches or other wet flies that you want to hang under an indicator.


• 90° leg
• Medium wire
• Needle point
• Black nickel finish


Poly Tubes & Weights

Aqua Flies is pleased to offer poly tubes for fly tying. Whether you tie trout flies, steelhead flies or saltwater flies, we have the tubes for your tying needs. Our tubes are formulated from a temperature stable polyethylene, meaning in near freezing conditions the tubes will not break. With a large selection of colors to choose from, you can give your tube flies a new look.

Poly Tubes


The 1.8mm (1/16” OD) is the right size to tie trout flies or lightweight steelhead flies, such as marabou tubes. Whether you tie a fly directly on the tubing or use it as a liner for metal tubes or weights, this tubing is very versatile.


The 3mm (1/8” OD) outside diameter tube makes a great platform for tying larger steelhead flies, such as Intruders or saltwater streamers.


The inside diameter of the 3mm will accept the 1.8mm tube perfectly. Add a cone to your fly by using the 1.8mm tube as a liner for the 3mm tube. A drop of super glue will hold the smaller tube in place, but to make for a more secure fit, cinch down on the tying thread so the larger tube is bound down onto the 1.8mm tube. Hold the cone in place by holding a flame close to the end of the tube so it melts slightly and creates a collar.


Need a hook holder? Our Ultra Tubing fits the 1.8mm tubing. Simply cut a point on the back of the 1.8mm tube prior to tying your fly. Cut the Ultra Tube to desired length. Our Ultra Tube will accept hooks up to a size 2.


The 3mm tubing is soft enough so no junction tubing is needed. Simply insert the hook eye into the back of the fly and you are ready to start fishing. For those that prefer to use junction tubing, we have a selection of vinyl tubing.


Colors available:

1.8mm-Clear, Red, Blue, Black, Fl. Red, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink 3mm- Clear, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Fl. Red, Fl. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink, Orange/Gold Glitter, Fl. Pink/Fuchsia Glitter









Adding weight to a tube fly is easy with our cones and torpedo weights. The Aqua Flies brass cones are designed to fit the 1.8mm tubing.


Available in 3 sizes and 7 colors. Sizes-4.8mm (3/16”), 5.5mm (7/32”), 6.3mm (1/4”) Colors-Olive, Purple, King Fisher Blue, Fl. Salmon Pink, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Flame, Fl. Pink Brass


Torpedo Weights-Gold or Silver 10mm, 13mm










Aqua Flies shanks are designed with the fly tier in mind. All of our shanks have a gun metal finish and the ends have been polished to ensure the trailing loop will not be compromised while fishing. Packaged in clear bags with an easy to read header card. 25 shanks per pack.




Return Eye Shanks

Our Return Eye Shank has a clean tapered return with no sharp edges. Ideal for any pattern using dumbbell eyes. The return portion of the shank makes a perfect platform to secure eyes and other materials.


Available sizes: 27mm, 43mm, 51mm




Round Eye Shanks

Our Round Eye Shank is great for adding a cone or a bead to the fly.


Available sizes: 20mm, 26mm, 33mm, 51mm


waddington shanks



Waddington Shanks

The Waddington shank is a double wire shank that gives the fly tier a large platform to tie on and the shank also adds weight to the fly. These shanks have the same black nickel finish as our other shanks. The leading eye is slightly up turned and the eye at the back can be gripped by a vice.


Available sizes: 23mm, 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 58mm

jig shanks



Jig Shanks

The jig shank is a unique design in the world of shank flies. Use these shanks to tie steelhead, trout or bass flies. Add a tungsten bead or cone to the head of the fly and create a jiggy fly that will drive the fish mad. Tie a sculling pattern on the jig shank with the Ultra Rig and create a more fish friendly fly.


The 25mm jig shank has a 60° leg that is 3mm in length; the leg length on the 35mm jig shank is 6.5mm.


The shanks are made of 1mm diameter wire and have a gun metal finish. The Ultra Tubing will fit snugly onto the back end of the jig shank.


Available sizes: 25mm and 35mm


Ultra Rig Kit

We have felt for a long time that steelhead flies with trailing loops need another style of rigging. Wire tends to be stiff and can become compromised if hitting rocks. Braids are too flexible and soft, causing the hook to foul on the fly or leader.


The Ultra Rig is a new style of rigging that remains flexible, even in freezing conditions, but is stiff enough to keep the trailing hook in place. This rigging system is super durable — we use 50 pound spider wire threaded through a soft tubing. The hook is fixed in the perfect location in the fly to maximize ideal hook up with excellent flexibility. The Ultra Rig also will allow the angler to position the hook by simply turning the hook in the tubing. The hook can easily be replaced by pushing the tubing up the hook bend enough to release the girth hitch.


Each kit contains:
• 10 AquaTalon Hooks, size 2
• 10 Aqua Flies Shanks
• 70 inches of 50 pound Spider Wire
• 2 feet of Ultra Tubing


The Ultra Rig Kits are available in six sizes:
Round Eye Kits – 26mm, 33mm, 51mm
Return Eye Kits – 27mm, 43mm, 51mm


Watch Jerry use the contents of the kit: Ultra Rig Video

Ultra Rig

Ultra Tubing

Ultra Tube

Ultra Tubing is the ideal tubing to use when building an Ultra Rig system or rigging an intruder in the old school method. Our Ultra Tubing fits perfectly onto an Aqua Flies shank and fits firmly over the eye of a hook. This style of rigging allows the hook to be placed in the optimal position behind the fly. Aqua Flies Ultra Tubing remains flexible in all weather conditions, even below freezing.


It is easy to rig a fly that is tied on a shank with no trailing loop. First thread your tippet through the eye of the fly. Run the tippet over the top or the bottom of the fly, and comb the materials around the tippet so the tippet is not smashing the fly. Take a short piece of Ultra Tubing and thread the tippet through the tube. Fit the tube onto the end of the shank, tie on your hook to the tippet and pull the tippet until the eye of the hook is in the tubing. At this point you can twist the hook into the position you prefer.


Ultra Tubing can also be used on Aqua Flies Poly Tubes. Cut the back of the 1.8mm Poly Tube to a sharp point, then slide the Ultra Tubing onto the Poly Tube.


1 yard per package.


Ultra Tube


Colors: Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Olive, Clear, Black, Chartreuse, Blue


Aqua Fur


Aqua Fur is not your standard craft fur. This synthetic fur is designed with four different lengths of fibers that are as long as 4 inches. The underfur makes a good dubbing. The middle fibers when used with the long fibers will help build bulk in wings and tails. Or just comb out all the shorter fiber and use the long fibers for a wing on saltwter flies or steelhead flies.


Each package contains approximately 45 square inches.


Available in 46 colors:

  White   Red   Blue
  Golden Yellow   Scarlet Red   Medium Blue
  Bright Yellow   Olive   Damsel Blue
  Hot Yellow   Green   Brilliant Blue
  Hot Orange   Lime Green   Frosted Black
  GP Orange   Purple   Frosted Sculpin Olive
  Burnt Orange   Dark Purple   Sculpin Brown Tan
  Gray   Black   Sculpin Olive Black
  Cinnamon   Pink   Fl. White/Black
  Tan   Hot Pink   Fl. Chartreuse/Black
  Sand   Coral   Fl. White
  Beige   Cerise   Fl. Yellow
  Brown   Fuchsia   Fl. Orange
  Orange Brown   Ocean Blue   Fl. Chartreuse
  Chocolate Brown   Light Ocean Blue   Fl. Fire Orange
          Fl. Salmon

Aqua Fur

Aqua Fur



Aqua Fur front and back

Aqua Fur


Un-Real Jungle Cock

unreal jungle cock fly examples

Our Un-Real Jungle Cock is like no other synthetic jungle cock on the market. It has been meticulously color corrected to bring the fly tyer the most accurate synthetic feather. The Un-Real Jungle Cock is then printed on a waterproof material that is super tough, but still has some flexibility and movement in the water. The fly tyer can use a permanent marker on the back and edges to create a natural look or a color accent. With a variety of sizes available, the choice is similar to selecting a feather from a real cape.

Packaged on sheets, available in 4 sizes:


• XSmall (12-13mm)

• Small (13-21mm)

• Medium (33-34mm)

• Large (48-51mm)



Ultra Eyes



Ultra Eyes

With a long monofilament stem, our Ultra Eyes are handmade at our factory with glitter and UV paint for sparkle and realism. When a fly is tied with Ultra Eyes and becomes slender in the water, the eyes are more prominent.


We use these eyes on our Jerry French Ultra Squid. They are ideal for prawn or shrimp patterns or to add a little flash to a saltwater crab pattern. 12 eyes per package.


Pearl: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, King Fisher Blue, Pink, and Purple
Solid: Black, Fire Orange, Fl. Red, Fl. Green, King Fisher Blue, Chartreuse, Metallic Blue


Size: 3.5mm diameter

Intruder Eyes



Intruder Eyes

Aqua Flies is now offering the same dumbbell eyes we use on our Intruders and Sculpins. We are constantly asked where fly tiers can purchase the painted eyes used for our Intruders, Mini-Intruders and Sculpins. Now these brass dumbbell eyes are available from Aqua Flies in packages of 20 eyes per pack.


These Intruder Eyes are colored with a durable powder coating in eleven eye popping colors: Black, Black Nickel, Blood Red, Brown, Blue, King Fisher Blue, Olive, Purple, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Salmon Pink, Fluorescent Flame and Fluorescent Chartreuse.


Available in three sizes: 1/8″ (3.2mm), 5/32″ (4mm) and 3/16″ (4.8mm)

Halo Eyes

Halo Eyes


Halo Eyes are hand made with a long monofilament stem, similar to Ultra Eyes. The overall eye is oval shaped with a tear drop pupil and clear outer coating. These unique eyes will give your shrimp or squid patterns a realistic appearance.


12 eyes per package.

Available in four sizes.


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