Our Philosophy

Ultra Squid Steelhead Fly

Aqua Flies is a company committed to tying the finest flies on earth. We began at our roots with steelhead flies, but now we are expanding. Only the highest quality fly tying materials are used: AquaTalon hooks, Whiting Farms feathers, our brand of shanks and Intruder Eyes. Each fly is hand tied by the most experienced commercial fly tiers in the business and passes through stringent quality inspection.

The people behind Aqua Flies are dedicated fly tiers and fly fishermen who understand how to utilize top-notch materials, correct proportions, and precise tying methods to produce a superior product. We know the difference between a fly that will catch fish and one that just looks good at the vice. We have a history and depth of experience that enables us to combine proven tradition with unequaled innovation.

We take pride in our products and we are eager to share them with you.

Zach Moore

I am a wild fish advocate, fly tier, Searun Cutthroat bum, animal enthusiast, and an all around Northwest nature nerd. I was born and raised in the Puget Sound region, where I developed a really deep appreciation for my surrounding waterways. I spent my early childhood pretty much the same way I do now, stomping through wetlands, chasing salty trout, obsessing over fly patterns, and spending arguably too much time outside in the company of animals. I have spent the last 11+ years working full time to protect and restore critical salmon habitat in the greater Puget Sound Region from a multiagency level. My main area of focus has been addressing fish passage issues within the waters of Washington, and developing a prioritization plan to help get historic salmon and steelhead populations back into inaccessible habitat as soon as possible. I have co-authored multiple publications surrounding Chinook habitat restoration monitoring and have been lucky enough to play a part in the future of wild fish restoration in the Pacific Northwest. I have been tying flies for 16 years, over half of my life. Tying flies and fly fishing is what drew me into fisheries conservation and there is no clear line between the two topics in my life. My fly patterns are based off of predation studies, stomach sample analysis, and a thorough understanding of salmonid life history patterns. I tie and design flies as an extension of myself as a scientist, an artist, and an angler.

Rob Pitts

Rob is a native of Northeast Ohio and has spent most of his life chasing fish on Lake Erie and the tributaries alike. After high school Rob enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Between his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Rob expanded his knowledge of fishing, by chasing Ulua, Mullet and even shark in the salt. Upon returning home to Ohio, the gift of fly fishing was shared with him. Little did he know, fly fishing would become his heartbeat and change his life forever. Fly fishing has become a boundless passion that he loves to share with anyone he can. Rob currently lives near the banks of the Grand River in Ohio and takes every opportunity he can to enjoy his passion for chasing fish on the fly. When not fly fishing, Rob can be found teaching his wife and three boys the art of fly fishing, and always preparing for his next time on the water.

Rob is also a Guide with Steelhead Alley Outfitters. As a guide, Rob enjoys sharing time with novice fishermen and loves to teach others the fundamentals, ethics and values that are traditionally associated with fly fishing. Rob takes pride in guiding and sharing his passion and is always finding a way to immerse himself in the fly fishing community.

Amanda Winkelman

Amanda Winkelman has been tying and designing Steelhead flies since 2019. Her prior experience with color, texture and design in creative art, had her published internationally several times over in papercrafting. She has taken this love to a new realm. With her passion for nature, fish and flowing rivers, it seemed a natural progression to move into fly tying design and production. She is a fly tying as well as fly casting instructor and has tied representing different entities along the way. Amandaa works as the Women’s Fly Fishing Program Lead at Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle and has done many collaborative events with the non profit She-Jumps. She is an advocate for getting anyone interested, out on the water with a fly rod in hand! When not working in the Fly Fishing Industry, Amanda volunteers for Warriors and Quiet Waters, helping post 9/11 vets and their loved ones find peace and joy in life being on the water fly fishing. A mother of 5 amazing kids, and a PNW native, she currently resides in the mountains of Leavenworth with her dog Ruby.

Amanda was awarded the 2022 FFI Washington State Fly Tyers Award.